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Welcome to The Mike Lee Project! (also known as The Michael Lee Project). Created by Mike Lee (one of many) and inspired by The Grace Lee Project and the Michael Lee knol, this is an effort to list & profile as many Mike & Michael Lee's as possible.

How Can I Add Myself?

Unfortunately, because of the constant assault of spammers, I've deactivated the wiki backend of this site. I would be glad to manually add you though. Just contact me and give me your info, URL, and a photo, and you'll be immortalized with us other Mike Lee's.

The Survey

Since The Grace Lee Project had a fun & interesting survey for all of her Grace Lee's, I figured I'd start one too - The Mike Lee Project Survey. It'll be cool to find out about how many Mike & Michael Lee's out there are Chinese, Korean, English, Irish, or something else. What are you? Fill out this short survey and see how many others are like you too!

Mike Lee's & Michael Lee's

(For now, all Mike & Michael Lee's can go on this page. As this list expands, I'll create sub-sections where appropriate.)

  • Michael L. Lee - A creative anomoly who has held almost every position in the graphic arts career now transformed into a fine artist. Lives in Alpharetta, GA
  • Michael Lee - A drummer who's played with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Guns 'N' Roses, the Cult, Lenny Kravitz, Thin Lizzy, and Echo and the Bunnymen
  • Mike Lee - A London-based correspondent for ABC News
  • Michael Lee - An Australian Labor Party member of the City of Sydney Council
  • Mike Lee - A professional bull rider from Decatur, TX
  • Michael Lee - A field hockey player for the Canadian team Victoria Selects
  • Michael Lee - A former international speedway rider and winner of the Speedway World Championship in 1980
  • Michael Lee - A basketball player for the Kansas Jayhawks at the University of Kansas
  • Michael Lee - An adjunct professor of Music at the Azusa Pacific University in CA and former keyboardist for Meredith Brooks, Melissa Etheridge, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and the Late Show with David Letterman
  • Mike Lee - A professor specializing in plant breeding and genetics at the Iowa State University
  • Michael D. Lee - A professor in the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California
  • Michael A. Lee - A professor in the Department of Physics at Kent State University
  • Mike Lee - The creator of The Mike Lee Project and an internet entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Mike Lee - An internet technologist and blogger in Sunnyvale, CA
  • Mike Lee - A blogger, moblogger, and photographer in Maryland
  • Michael Lee - A software developer and IT professional in Minneapolis, MN
  • Michael Lee - A programmer, author, and co-founder of the iPhone app Tapulous
  • Mike Lee - A blogger somewhere
  • Mike Lee - A managing partner of the design firm Mike Lee & Me
  • Mike Lee - A digital illustrator and artist in New York City
  • Michael Lee - A photographer who serves the Chicago, Milwaukee, and surrounding areas
  • Mike Lee - A student of theology at the International Theological Institute in Austria and co-host of the Catholic podcast Into the Deep
  • Michael Lee - The artistic director for professional non-profit theatre company OPUS Mime
  • Michael Aaron Lee - An artist in residence at Cooper Union and instructor at Montclair University School of Art
  • Mike Lee - A jazz musician in New York City
  • Mike Lee - A country singer from Nashville
  • Michael Lee - A character played by Tristan Wilds on the HBO series The Wire
  • Michael Lee - A Chinese actor who's appeared in movies like Operation Dumbo Drop, Heaven & Earth, and American Shaolin
  • Michael Lee - A Chihnese actor who's appeared in only a few movies, like Starfire Mutiny, Victory, and Omega Cop
  • Michael Lee - A young actor who's played Charolette's boy on Planet of Dinosaurs
  • Michael Caesar Lee - An actor who's appeared in the movie Hell Mountain
  • Michael Martin Lee - An actor who's appeared in the movie Alchimie
  • Mike Lee - A film editor who's worked on such projects as The Dresden Files, Queer as Folk, and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
  • Michael Lee - A draftsman of the art department for the movie Alchimie
  • Michael D. Lee - A film producer for movies such as Kill Squad and The Clonus of Horror
  • Michael K. Lee - An actor who's appeared in TV shows like The Shield, and movies like The Ghost and Highland Park Blues
  • Michael Lee - A producer for the movie Spookies
  • Michael Soon Lee - A keynote speaker, multicultural marketer, and president of the marketing firm EthnoConnect
  • Michael V. Lee - A white boy of English/German descent, lives in LA, and founded a line of clothing called JOCKO.