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Bull Rider Mike Lee
Bull Rider Mike Lee
Mike Lee is a professional bull rider from Decatur, TX. He is the father of twins, Noah Riley & Loralai Pearl, and is a devote Christian. Lee is also an instructor for the Christian Bull Riding & Bull Fighting School in Lane, Oklahoma.

According to his personal website:

“As a rookie, I learned to ride jump for jump—one bull at a time,” says Lee. “And, I tried to stay focused on what God’s path is for me.” This 2004 World Champion has one of the the highest riding percentages of the top 45 bull riders in the world and finished in the top five at Built Ford Series events 10 times this season. A Christian cowboy, Mike believes God has a purpose for everyone. “ You must learn to recognize what area God has blessed you. Every day, you should be on a quest to gain more wisdom, to have a clearer understanding of your purpose in life.”